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PLEASE NOTE: All MESA® Two notes Guitar and Bass IR Cab Packs are compatible only with Two notes hardware and Wall of Sound plugin. 

Two notes IR Guitar Cab Packs

The MESA IR Guitar Cab packs have been divided into two categories and applications - the World Tour Edition and the Studio Legend Edition. The same seven cabinet options are available in each pack while different microphones were used for each pack to reflect numerous combinations for both live and studio applications.  Both packs reflect the most accurate IR representations for MESA cabinets available to date, approved and fully endorsed by the company that brings you unparalleled excellence in speaker cabinet design, manufacturing and tone. 

Cabinets represented include: 

•  1x12 Thiele Front Ported Compact
•  1X12 Recto® Closed Back
•  1X12 Lone Star® 23
•  2x12 Lone Star®
•  2X12 Recto® Horizontal
•  4X12 Recto® Traditional Slant
•  4X12 Recto® OS Standard Slant


The World Tour Edition gives you 7 legendary MESA/Boogie cabinets and 8 world-famous microphones to capture them. The six dynamic, one ribbon and one condenser microphones featured in this pack are those used on the biggest stages and tours around the globe. A MESA/Boogie World Tour Edition cabinet has been captured keeping in mind the requirements of a live rig. 

World Tour Edition Cabinets


The Studio Legend Edition brings you 7 legendary MESA/Boogie Cabinets and the ultimate collection of high-end studio microphones to record them. The four ribbon and four condenser microphones featured in this pack are responsible for some of the greatest recorded guitar tones in history. 

Studio Legend Edition Cabinets

Two notes IR Bass Cab Packs 

The quest for ultimate Bass Tone has led us through countless refinements in our bass cabinet designs over a span of two decades. From the mighty PowerHouse Traditional 8x10 to the portable Subway 1x12, the entire range of cabinet sizes and sonic possibilities can now be utilized in the IR format for those times when a using a Cabinet isn’t practical.


We packed an array of innovative features into our exceptional range of premium-built PowerHouse® Bass Cabinet designs and for nearly three decades MESA® PowerHouse® Cabinetry represented the State Of The Art in rugged, Toneful Bass Enclosures and anchored stage and studio sounds for the many Touring Artists who relied on them. With features such as Tri-Port™ Porting, an innovative, front-facing, multi-vent porting system that uses individually tuned triangular ports to enhance each part of the bass spectrum and no-compromise premium proprietary drivers, players find this diverse series of cabinets offer an unsurpassed level of musicality. Though modern weight restrictions and portability needs rendered them untenable for all but the brave and brawny and led to their discontinuation, they are well preserved in all their recordable glory and are now available for your exploration and enjoyment here in the IR format!

IR captures in the PowerHouse Edition include:

•  Standard PowerHouse 1x15
•  Standard PowerHouse 4x10
•  Traditional PowerHouse 4x10
•  Standard PowerHouse 2x12
•  Standard PowerHouse 2x15
•  Standard PowerHouse 1000
•  Traditional PowerHouse 8x10

PowerHouse Bass Cabinets


Our passion for cabinet design and sonic excellence didn’t end with the Powerhouse Series and continues on today with the highly acclaimed Subway Ultra-Lite Bass Cabinetry. These surprisingly light weight yet supremely Toneful Cabs have been dubbed by many our best ever and meet the demand for truly portable Great Bass Tone. This latest chapter in the MESA/Boogie® Bass Story sees us trading nothing but bulk and shedding not an ounce of Tone in our quest for light weight and most are amazed first by their sound before being truly shocked at their portability. Like all MESA products, the SUBWAY® line of ULTRA-LITE Cabinets are Handcrafted in Petaluma, California from lightweight but strong Italian Poplar, feature our innovative Tri-Port Porting, are loaded with Custom Subway® Neodymium Speakers tuned for excitement and dynamic punch and finished off with our sweet High Frequency Horn and integrated Premium Attenuator. Explore the latest in a long line of Bass Excellence here in the IR versions of our best selling Bass Enclosures ever, the Subway Ultra-Lites.

IR captures in the Subway Edition include:

•  Subway 1x12
•  Subway 1x15
•  Subway 2x10
•  Subway 2x12 Vertical
•  Subway 4x10
•  Subway 2x15

Subway Bass Cabinets

Two notes Interface

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