About Tiago

Tiago Ganso's adventure as a professional musician began in 1999 when he joined the band Tara Perdida. When he joined Tara Perdida, the band had two studio records. The following years they composed what became the third record, "É Assim", and spent the next couple of years on tour through the country.

In the beginning of 2005 Tara Perdida went into the studio and "Lambe Botas" was released later that year.

"Even though we had long been considered a cult band, with this album we really got media recognition."

With over 40 concerts in the summer of 2006, Tara Perdida played in some of the main music festivals in Portugal (Festival Sudoeste, Superbock Superock, Jurassic Summer Fest, Vans Festival, among others), sharing the stage with bands like Pennywise, Nofx, Franz Ferdinand, Mad Caddies, Iron Maiden, Slayer, A7X and more. At the end of this tour they recorded their first live DVD at one of the country's cult venues, Incrível Almadense, with a sold-out concert.

Tiago started using MESA/Boogie amplifiers in 2002 (Dual Rectifier) and in 2009 changed to the Mark Five which is his amp of choice today.

Tiago Ganso's Gear