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Riding with Killers is a Detroit based hard rock band, created by Biloxi, MS native, Taylor Roberts. The band consists of Taylor Roberts (of Cathercist/Wild Fire) on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Dave Coughlin (of Taproot) on drums and Tim Krukowski (of Sponge) on Bass/Vocals. Roberts left his home in South Mississippi in an effort to pursue music in an area he deemed more conducive to rock music. Through touring with his former band "Cathercist" a connection was made between Roberts and the Midwest. "I found that the fans were incredible, the venues were amazing, and there seemed to be a greater appreciation for rock in this region." While Roberts praises the Midwest area, he still retains an utmost affection and respect for his hometown.

“I had tremendous support back home in my former bands 'Cathercist' and 'Wild Fire'. From the fans to the ever amazing 97.9 WCPR FM, I felt huge support in what I/we were doing, but I knew it was time to move to a bigger area and take a different approach to music. I can't say enough how much I appreciate what everyone back home did for me, from industry folks to the fans, they've given me support like no other and the courage to pursue something new. I hope to make everyone at home proud“
-Taylor Roberts.

Through the recording process, contact was made with Dave Coughlin of Taproot to do drums on the EP and future songs. Dave and Taylor toured the country together on Taproot's Winter Tour of 2013 and an instant friendship and connection was made. Through recording drums, Dave and Taylor were able to recruit Tim Krukowski, formerly of Sponge, on Bass. Chemistry immediately filled the room and the trio have been locked in studio ever since. Currently RWK is in studio working on more songs, while the debut EP "Get In" was released on Feb 14th, 2019 consisting of 3 songs. The band is focused on creating more songs and gearing up for playing live later in 2019.

Riding with Killers is:
Taylor Roberts- Vocals/Guitar
Tim Krukowski- Bass
Dave Coughlin -Drums

Riding with Killers is proudly endorsed by Music Man Guitars, Mesa Boogie Amplifiers, Ernie Ball Strings, and Dimarzio Pickups.

“When I got the opportunity to join MESA/Boogie as an Artist, it was surreal. My first real tube amp I saved for was a Mesa. To be a part of the family is a huge honor. I found my sound and home with Mesa.”
-Taylor Roberts

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