About Ralf

Ralf Sommerfeld was born in Hildesheim on July 15th, 1968. Being fascinated by bands such as Van Halen and Deep Purple, he discovered his passion for the electric guitar at the age of 13. Various school bands and first instruction activities follow. After the Abitur, Ralf decides to become professional guitarist. Several terms at at the University of Hildesheim follow, in which Ralf completes his classical guitar training. In this time he teaches at several schools of music. In order to achieve a wide-ranging practice-oriented training in all style directions, Ralf decided to study at the G.I.T (Guitar of institutes OF Technology) in Los Angeles. Because he already played at a high level at that time Ralf must not visit certain obligation classes and uses this time in order to intensify his technical abilities and his stylistic preferences. Being influenced by many different music styles (classic, Flamenco, Latin, jazz, rock, pop, metal) Ralf forms his individual style at this time: New Blues rock, on a high technical level with fully developed tone and a feeling of swing by Van Halen. After the return from the USA Ralf founded the GUITAR SCHOOL in Hanover. The foundation of the band Summerfield (e.g. with Michael Wolpers, Drums) and the production of his first instrumental CD "Just got A new guitar" follow. PRO7 uses  "The nasty groove Song" for the action series "Renegade", the NDR uses "Forgotten Times" and "Broken Promises" for various spots. Ralf publishes several workshop series in magazines.  In 2013 Meinl Germany offered Ralf a MESA/Boogie® Endorsment. After checking a few Amps, Ralf was totally blown away by the sounds, especially of the Mark Series.  Since then Ralf plays MESA/Boogie Amps exclusively.

Ralf has performed and studied with:

Andy Timmons
Bruce Bouillet
Scott Henderson
Christophe Godin
Paul Gilbert
David Oakes
Simon Phillips
Frank Gambale
John Petrucci
Michael Wolpers
Steve Lukather
Joe Diorio

Ralf Sommerfeld's Gear