About Chris

Chris Cannella has been active in the international music scene since 1993 with the launch of his previous band Industrial groundbreakers; N17. Since then He has toured the world and done guitar clinics clinics in 14 countries as well as performed guest guitar for bands like Prong, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Helstar, Queensryche and Gorgoroth (to name a few). Since 2003 Chris has released multiple albums with his own Autumn's End and as of 2019, he has been appointed as the official permanent guitar player for Tampa Death metal legends; Deicide! Chris has been a long time family member of Mesa Boogie since 1995 with his first Mesa; the DC10 and now touring the globe with the JPIIC. Per Cannella: "The JPIIC is the amp I have waited my whole life for. It can literally do everything for all styles of music from crystal cleans to ruthless rhythm and creamy lead tones while being so easy to dial in. Its perfect!".

Chris Cannella's Gear