About Ben

Ben Kaiser was born in Boston, Massachusetts but spent the first six years of his childhood growing up in Zürich, Switzerland. When he was 6 his family relocated to Los Angeles, California. Ben initially chose to learn how to play the violin but quickly switched to guitar after becoming enthralled by the irresistible musical quality of thrash and death metal. The aggressive style and the virtuosity of greats such as James Hetfield, Mark Morton, Zakk Wylde, Jeff Loomis, Michael Amott, and Dave Mustaine led to young Ben’s obsession with metal. Through hard work and with iron discipline, Ben developed his own unique style mainly consisting of down picked riffs, melodic guitar harmonies, and blistering breakdowns.

In 2016 Ben was recruited to play football at NC State University and settled in North Carolina. As his athletic career drew to an end, Ben dedicated more time to his love for music and founded the heavy metal band WoR. In vocalist Bobby Demoss, Ben discovered a musical co-writer with whose help he managed to give WoR its groundbreaking identity. Shortly thereafter bassist Phillip Funderburk, drummer Hunter Crews, and guitarist David Nisoff joined the fold and WoR’s lineup was complete. By the summer of 2019, enough material had been compiled and WoR headed into the studio with producer Joe Alonzo Potts to record the full length album “Prisoners”. This utterly diverse work includes brutal tracks such as Caged and Predator mixed with melodic anthems such as VI Kings.

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