The Subway Evolution. Boogie® Bass Returns!

The all-tube Boogie® BASS 400+ was a modern-day classic used by the world’s most talented bassists for over two decades. From Paul McCartney to Mark King, Stanley Clark to Jack Blades and Michael Anthony, the 400+ crossed borders and musical genres to take center-stage behind true Icons during its 20-year build cycle.

Today it’s our award-winning Subway® Series taking names with accurate Tone, warmth and portability in the Class D realm. The evolutionary step forward beckons to combine these two distinctive preamps and create a powerful, portable way to feature their unique personalities in one package. The Subway® TT-800™ answers that call!

Subway® TT-800™ Front Panel

Subway® TT-800™ Front Panel

Tube Bloom or FET Punch & Detail, It's All Yours On Demand!

Two Separate Channels in a Dual Mono configuration feed the Subway® TT-800™'s muscular, articulate 800-Watt Class D power section and create the foundation from which to build your ultimate Bass Tone.

The TT-800 features an all-new tube driven preamp allowing bassists to experience the rich, blooming tube character of the legendary tone stack architecture from the Bass 400+ in the Boogie® channel or the modern tone of the award-wining Subway Channel with enhanced tightness in the low end, accurate punchy mids and crystal clean highs. These Channels can be used to switch between (Foot Switch optional) for different responses and sounds with one Instrument, or dedicated to separate Instruments with different characters and needs.

With our patch-point style independent Effects Loop design, you can also choose to run independent processing for each Channel/Instrument or substitute a favorite external preamp or modeler for one of the switchable Channels. 


The top BOOGIE® Channel, featuring our storied Bass 400+ signal path, breathes and blooms with 3-D tube warmth and includes new improvements like the Subway’s HIGHPASS, and a semi-parametric control for the MID frequencies, which adds immensely to the versatility of an already epic sound.

The lower SUBWAY® Channel provides everything the modern bassist could want; articulate, nuanced detail served up with immediacy and authority in a tighter tracking, more neutral character and now features a tube preamp.

Modern feature packed, the TT-800’s DEEP and BRIGHT switches add tone shaping opportunities and allow for taming “boomy” rooms by switching DEEP off or kicking it in for styles such as Reggae. BRIGHT adds sparkle and sheen and Subway fans have been known to use the feature for advanced techniques such as slapping and adding dimension and clarity to chordal work.

Global GAIN switching allows for custom configuration of attack and headroom characteristics. LOW provides a clean, clear sound in comparison to the HIGH setting that ramps up driving the tubes and is especially notable in the Boogie Channel. A New OD (Overdrive) SYMMETRY control features tightly-glued harmonics toward the (counterclockwise) (SYM) extreme or a looser, more tube-like harmonic spread in the ASYM (clockwise) half of the control. Experience the Subway TT-800 at your local MESA® Dealer today!

"The TT-800 is the flagship model of the Subway Series from MESA/Boogie. It includes everything you'd expect from the Subway amp but brings back the classic warm tube tones of the Bass 400 and includes them all in one small, lightweight package."

Uriah Duffy


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Uriah Duffy

Uriah Duffy

Hailing from Rhode Island, Uriah Dufy is a Session & Touring bassist & Musical Director based in California. His versatility has led him to work with artists across many genres: Whitesnake, Sly & The Family Stone, Christina Aguilera, Starship, Toni Tony Toné, Pat Travers, Prince, Steve Stevens, The Memorials, Too Short, Dave Chapelle, Jazz Mafia, Tony Furtado, Lyrics Born, Points North, CeeLo Green, Marvel Comics and more.

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