John Petrucci and the Boogie® Five-Band Graphic EQ Pedal

by Boogie on April 25, 2014

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John Petrucci with the new Boogie Five-Band Graphic EQ pedal in the FX Loop of his Triaxis/2:90 rig

John Petrucci with the new Boogie Five-Band Graphic EQ pedal in the FX Loop of his Triaxis/2:90 rig (click to enlarge)

Well… It’s official – The Boogie® Five-Band Graphic EQ is now a permanent installation in the FX Loop of John’s Triaxis/2:90 rig for Dream Theater’s 2014 Along for the Ride tour.

John spent a rare day off at the MESA factory last week and was able to pick up one of the first production Five-Band Graphic EQs. John posted on his Facebook Page about trying something new and the Boogie EQ was installed in the FX Loop of John’s Triaxis/2:90 rig for Dream Theater’s San Francisco show at the Warfield Theater. It was basically a done deal after soundcheck, but… the true test is always during ‘battle’ as John calls it… (the gig)… The new Boogie Graphic brought a new level of tone and adjustability to the rig and to John’s heavy sounds in particular.

John previously used the Triaxis’ Dynamic Voice feature for EQ’ing heavy rhythm sounds which is a preset Mid Scoop+Bass & Treble Boost curve that increases as you raise it’s level. That feature remains available as an alternative, switchable EQ option for John’s sounds if a different EQ curve is desired on a different patch/setting. But the Boogie Five-Band is the new EQ curve in town!

Below is John’s signal path for his latest Triaxis/2:90 touring rig:

Guitar > A/B Switcher Box > Dunlop Cry Baby rack wah > Pedal drawer with pedals in individual loops (Tone-Burst > Flux-Drive > MXR EVH Phase 90 > TC Electronic JP Dream Scape > Boss Dimension C > Analog Man Juicer compressor) > Triaxis >FX Send into Boogie Five-Band Graphic EQ > FX Return > Triaxis Main Outs to Axe FX > 2:90 > two Recto 1×12 cabinets > Mic’d to FOH with Shure SM57 and Shure 313 Ribbon mic.  Rig controlled by RJM GT22 controller.

Big Thanks to John, his tech Maddi and the entire Dream Theater organization for another great hang, great show and more exciting stuff in the future!

Check out more info on the new Boogie Five-Band Graphic EQ pedal

as well as the new Flux-Five EQ and Throttle Box EQ pedals NOW SHIPPING and at your local dealers & distributors.

The NEW Boogie Five-Band Graphic EQ Pedal

The NEW Boogie Five-Band Graphic EQ Pedal (click to enlarge)


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Andrew October 15, 2014 at 1:18 am

Just added this EQ pedal to my Triaxis setup that includes Rectifier cabs and an old 50:50 power amp. Every Triaxis owner should buy one as it adds so much to the sound. I also now use a Grid Slammer as a full time boost and my tone has never been better.


Boogie Boogie October 15, 2014 at 5:51 pm

Thanks for the kind words, Andrew. Glad it’s working well for you!


Me Too October 3, 2014 at 1:23 pm

Does he use two EQ pedals in the loop or a Y-cable given that the loop is stereo and both sides need to plug into the return (otherwise one side goes silent)?


Boogie Boogie October 15, 2014 at 5:51 pm

Hey Me Too –

We’re told by John’s tech that they’re not using the Triaxis in stereo right now so the EQ is going out of the side that is being used. You are correct, however… If you wanted to use the Boogie 5 Band Graphic in stereo, you would need two pedals since it’s only a mono pedal. Great question!


Andrew December 2, 2014 at 4:00 am

I use the eq in my Triaxis loop and use an MXR Stereo Chorus as a splitter for the stereo return. Using both these pedals takes the Triaxis crunch to the next level!


Chris Gauthier May 13, 2014 at 2:59 pm


Since I have a TriAxis, I’m very interested & excited hearing about ideas to revamp it’s channels/modes. I definitely would keep mine since it’s such a killer Preamp and over the years it has become an integral, fundamental part of my Rig, my tone, my vibe, personality, feel and mojo as a musician; BUT I would definitely buy one to add to my 1st TriAxis if it came out with new features like integrating the Stiletto Ace preamp circuit, LoneStar Special Cleans & Searing Lead sounds, plus many more features I can’t think of right now but I think the TriAxis really really deserves an upgrade & update.
If there’s ever a users’ suggestions group formed, I absolutely want in!

I’m planning on getting a Stereo Simulclass 2:90, and I think your line of power amps could also use a little update. I know rack systems aren’t the buzz right now, but they are still used, and your name equals world class in that department. It would be great to see some of your new technologies incorporated into the 2:90 (most desperately an exact version of the 2:90 with all it’s features into a 2:50 package! Lots of people have been dying for that for many years!), like adding multiple power tube options, Tube/Silicon Rectifiers, etc.

When I first bought my TriAxis and plugged it in my Rack (Mesa 50/50->Two Recto 1×12″ mic’ed with Shure SM57′s, Peavey Valverb in FX Loop), it was love at first sound!!

BTW the Valverb is a real gem: Full Point-To-Point wiring pure tube driven extra-long Spring Reverb with EQ (Reverb 3-Band EQ!) & Dry/Wet knob, PLUS pure Tube driven Tremolo (Reverb & Trem Footswitchable).

I tried the whole setup without the Valverb, and the TriAxis+50/50 did sound a tad too cold & overly harsh in the High-Mids, which greatly affected the TriAxis’ versatility, limiting it to high-gain sounds.

Just running the Valverb in the FX Loop, even with the Reverb switched out, makes a huge difference in warming-up the signal, since it still goes through the unit’s tubes (Two 12X7′s+One 12T7).

When I have a gig where I need to play covers, I just need to plug-in the right guitar & sit with my TriAxis and in 1 Hour tops I am always able to replicate the guitar tone of any song, and during a venue I always get tons of comments on how I NAILED the song’s tone (of course there’s a big part of it that comes from playing with the right “feel”), and how my tone was so similar to the original but so much better, how it’s got a certain magic to it. I make a lot of jealous guitarists every single time I use my Mesa rig!

Thanks folks at Mesa for doing such incredible work to bring the tools, the means for artists not only to express themselves, but for the Mesa amplifiers always being able to inspire us further and never let down!
(I think that was a ringing endorsement lol!)


Denis April 25, 2014 at 7:39 pm


Were John’s individual loops incorporated into the pedal drawer, or switched from another piece of equipment?

And when will Mesa update the Triaxis to include the Mark V’s cleans and rhythm tones, in addition to the current outstanding modes? That’s the only thing stopping me from buying the Triaxis.

Thank you…


Boogie Boogie April 28, 2014 at 1:28 am

Hi Denis –

John was using the Five-Band Graphic in the loop of the Triaxis and switching it on an out via the loop on/off function of the Triaxis.

Good suggestions about the Triaxis being overdue for an update. Can’t say when but it certainly is a great suggestion!

Thanks for the kind words.



Andrew December 2, 2014 at 3:57 am

I get as good a clean tone from my Triaxis’ as I did from my MkV. Use the Petrucci Guitar World settings from way back. I also use the eq pedal on clean tones for that ‘Pull Me Under’ clean tone.

Love it!


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