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Mesa/Boogie is an exclusive American Custom Shop fiercely dedicated to innovative, custom hand-built designs, inspired by players’ desires for higher performance and driven by a passion to exceed their expectations of musical expression. Since 1969, Artists from around the world have chosen to put their trust in Mesa/Boogie to deliver their tone and we are honored and humbled to have amassed one of the most impressive Artist Rosters in our industry. Our special thanks to each of the Artists contained in this Gallery for their trust and support. We hope you enjoy the show!

Of key importance when considering a purchase based upon Artist use… Mesa/Boogie Artists are customers and are not paid or given products for free. We think there is a big difference between true "endorsement" and "employment"… Our Artists also don’t use specially chosen or modified amplifiers or cabinets, they play the exact same models available to you. So when you see someone playing a Mesa product you know everything is "for real" and when you’re making a buying decision, Mesa/Boogie will always be the company you can trust.

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