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GB - UK Review of Mesa's Express 5:25 combo The 5:50 Express Combo
GW gold award iconGuitar World - Sound Check Review
"...the music industry equivalent of a Mini Cooper. Though extremely compact, they deliver plenty of hair-raising power as well as a full selection of useful high performance features not typically found on products in their price class.." (more)
Mesa Titan V12  icon GIF TITAN V12
Music Player Magazine...
Wish I Had One Award
"...Big Block Titan V12 can be summed up in one word: WOW! The 1,200 watts of power provided by Mesa/Boogie’s simul- state power
M-Pulse circuitry are superbly clean, and overall, the sound of the Titan was amazing"

Mesa Stiletto Ace icon GIF Knife Life
Guitar Buyer Magazine...
on the Stiletto ACE Combo
"From Loud, Clean and Bold, though to Louder, Filthy and Squashy.... Without doubt a Top Choice for supercharged Brit-flavoured Rock Playing." (more)

GB - UK Review of Mesa's Lone Star Special 4x10 Combo Boogie Wonderland
Guitar Buyer Magazine...
on the Lone Star Special
"...the folks at Mesa have taken the bluesy, rootsy vibe of the Lone Star a step further, with a sultry, sexy tone machine that must rank among the least Boogie-like Boogies ever made.." (more)

GB  -UK Review of Mesa's Roadster Combo Rock 'n' Road(ster)
Guitar Buyer Magazine
"...Borrowing features from the Mighty ROAD KING, Mesa's new DO-IT-ALL AMP writes a whole new chapter on VERSATILITY." (more)
GB - UK Review of Mesa's Express 5:25 combo The Express Combos
Guitar Buyer Magazine
"...the folks at Mesa have... pinched some of the most desirable features from their more expensive amps – like switchable channel voicings, a low-power single-ended mode – and come up with two HIGHLY DESIRABLE AMPLIFIERS." (more)
Interview with Randall Smith on designing Express amps Mesa Master
Guitar Buyer's Interview with Randall
Smith on the New Express Amps

"Just one note can have so much personality it’s mesmerizing in its complexity...the way the harmonics morph, shift and twist around one another. ...I enjoy coming up with circuits and transformers to showcase the..[tubes] individual musical styles." (more)
Review of Mesa's Express combos The Express Combos
Guitarist Choice AwardGuitarist Magazine
"To say Mesa’s new Express combos are very good is rather like saying a Ferrari Enzo is a bit of a quick car. We’re seriously impressed at just how well the whole design works from a playing perspective, and how well both amps perform with regard to noise levels." (more)
Mesa Engineering's Randall Smith interview on designing the Express Express Design
Guitarist's Interview with Randall Smith on designing the Express
"An important part of the creative process is just fantasising what would make a really cool amp – which sonic voicings do we want to include and where do we get them? ." (more)
Review of Mesa's Express 5:25 combo The Express 5:25 Combo
Guitar Player Magazine
MusicPlayer Award"Anyway you look at it, the Express 5:25 comes up a winner. This amp offers a bodacious amount of features for such a small package, and its power and dynamic responsiveness make it ideal for those who need a flexible amp that can really deliver in smaller venues." (more)
Review of Lone Star Special The Stiletto Ace Combo
Guitarist Choice AwardGuitarist Magazine
"Mesa’s standard of fit & finish is consistently the benchmark other amp manufacturers have to aim for, and the Ace combo is no exception...The detailing on every part of the cabinet is immaculate" (more)
Review of Lone Star Special The Stiletto Ace Combo
Guitar One AwardGuitar One Magazine
"will handily recreate the subtle-to-aggressive grind of classic British EL34 circuits. ...blooming bottom, gnarly complex mids, and an aggressive high end with both slap and sizzle.” (more)
Review of Lone Star Special The Lone Star Special
MusicPlayer AwardGuitar Player Magazine
"...a very hip amp that offers superb build quality, smart features, and excellent tonal range.... your money’s worth and then some here...” (more)
Review of Road King The Road King
"Don’t be misled by its Dual Rectifier moniker – this incredibly versatile amp is packed with the widest arsenal of tone we’ve ever experienced in a single tube amp..”
Review of Lone Star from
The Lone Star
"Every once in a great while an amplifier comes along that really knocks you out. For us, this is that amplifier. For anyone looking for an amp that delivers lush, three dimensional clean tones that would stand proudly next to any black face amp...look no further!.”
Review of Stiletto Ace The Stiletto Ace
"Not only does the Stiletto Ace walk the hallowed ground of your favorite classic British sounds, it goes far beyond. The amp delves into ferocious high gain chunk, liquid expressiveness, and, perhaps most surprisingly, also offers one of the finest EL-34 based clean tones around..”
Review of Lone Star Special by Guitar One Magazine Lone Star Special
Guitar One AwardGuitar One Magazine
"you’ll find the Lone Star Special to be the very definition of a giant killer. Whether you’ll be using it for atmospheric surgical strikes in the studio or at hot-and-bothered live club gigs, the Special will indeed deliver.”
Review of Stiletto Deuce by Musik Praksis, Norway The Stiletto Deuce Flag of Norway
& 4 x 12 Rectifier Kabinett
MusikPraksis (Norway)
"Fremdeles sulten på suksess etter spikertreffet med Rectifierforsterkerne har Boogie hentet ispirasjon i Texas (Lone Starserien) og, noe mer overraskende, på De britiske øyer.”
Review of Lone Star Special by Guitarrista Magazine, Spain Lone Star Special Flag of Spain
1 x 12 Combo
Guitarrista Magazine (Spain)
"Añade un cuarteto de ‘hermanas de potencia de nueve puntas’ a un Lonestar de Mesa y ¿qué es lo que consigues? Creemos que el Lonestar Special es uno de los mejores Boogies que nos hemos encontrado.”
Review of Lone Star Special by En Concierto Magazine, Spain Lone Star Special Flag of Spain
Un "pequeno" gran ampli
En Concierto Magazine (Spain)
"El fabricante americano Mesa Boogie nos presenta una grata novedad que hará las delicias de aquellos guitarristas que buscan un gran sonido de guitarra en un amplificador de válvulas pero que no necesitan tanto volumen.”
Review of Lone Star Special by Vintage Guitar Magazine Practical, But No Joke
Mesa Lone Star Special
Vintage Guitar Magazine
"The Lone Star Special is an exceptionally sweet-sounding amp that covers all frequency ranges. Its overall tone is incredibly fat and full, with gain to spare, and exceptional clean tones. In fact, “exceptional” pretty much defines this amp in an all-around sense.”
Stiletto Critical Acclaim Book of all Reviews

Stiletto Critical Acclaim
Excerpts from Award Winning Industry Reviews of the Stiletto Deuce and Trident...PLUS...links to complete reviews and free downloadable 20 page Booklet.

Interview with Randall Smith on the Stiletto

A Cut Above
Mesa Stiletto Deuce and Trident
Guitar World Magazine
" The extremely versatile six-mode Stilettos cast a lush harmonic haze over the classic EL34 tones while punching into a deviant new world of defiant British manners.”

Interview with Randall Smith on the Stiletto

Mesa Stiletto Deuce
and Trident

Guitar Player Magazine
"A manufacturer's sincerity of purpose is reflected in its commitment to quality and attention to detail, and Mesa/Boogie has been an industry leader in this regard for decades. ”

Interview with Randall Smith on the Stiletto

Mesa Boogie's Founder on the Stiletto
Guitar Buyer Magazine, UK
" From the first Boogiemodded Fender Princetons, all the way through Mark Series amps right up to the latest Rectos, Randy has brought you the lot. The latest amp from the Mesa ‘Home Of Tone’ is the Stiletto (reviewed below in "the Heeler"), so we took the opportunity to ask him about his new baby. ”

Review of Stiletto Deuce

The "Heeler"
The Mesa Stiletto Deuce
Guitar Buyer Magazine, UK


Review of Stiletto Deuce

The Mesa Stiletto Deuce
Guitarist Magazine, UK
"Many bands are now fusing the omnipresent grungier tones of the nineties with seventies-inspired guitar sounds and for that, the Stiletto has all the kick you need. All in all, it’s another awesome weapon from the undisputed king of high-performance guitar amplification. Don’t miss it.”

Review of Stiletto from En Concierto

Amplificador a Valvulás Para Guitarra
En Concierto Magazine
"En definitiva, el Stiletto va a sorprender a más de uno por su aspecto, por su sonido, por su versatilidad y sobre todo porque un Mesa/Boogie siempre sorprende."
( más )

Review of Big Block 750

The Big Block 750
Bass Player Magazine
"The circuit is phenomenally tight, controlled, precise, and vicious. It can provide a demonically bleating belch or a furry tinge that recalls bygone vintage amps. One staffer praised its “total wall of buzzsaw attack” and “distinct color.”

Review of Powerhouse 1000 Bass Cabinet

PowerHouse 1000 Cab
Bass Player Magazine
"The 1,000-watt cab handled everything we threw at it with aplomb, even a Modulus Quantum 5’s woofer-wincing B string. It’s a particularly righteous rock box—the Big Block’s overdrive was a great match—but it also has good treble tickle for slap, and super-gut-punching burp for back-pickup fingerstyle."

Randall Smith of Mesa Boogie

Big Time Rock 'n Roll
The ToneQuest Report
"After 30+ years, you can’t argue with success, and Randall Smith is one of the most successful and creative pioneers in the history of guitar amplification. His enthusiasm, passion and creativity have not diminished one bit, and they are clearly shared by everyone at Mesa Engineering."

Mesa Lone Star and Mark 1

Mesa Mark I & Lone Star
The ToneQuest Report
"The ultimate test of any new review amp for us is this: Will we miss it when it’s gone? The Mark I and the Lone Star encouraged us to discover unique tones, textures and musical themes that we wouldn’t have found otherwise, and yes, they certainly will be missed."

Mesa Stiletto Deuce

Mesa Stiletto Deuce
Guitarist - Australia
" The Stiletto from Mesa Boogie: It slices, it dices...and then it knocks you flat with its crystalline focus. "

Photo of Mesa Lone Star

Mesa Boogie Lone Star
Guitar World Magazine
" this is a well-mannered ass-kicker that blows away the competition with righteous unapologetic perfection. Angelic clean, classic inspiring overdrive, musical deep reverb and soul-melting high gain are all child’s play for this Mesa. It doesn’t get much better than this at any price."

Photo of Mesa Lone Star

Mesa Boogie Lone Star
Guitar Player Magazine
"this sucker is so sonically versatile that it’s like a guitar tone workstation, rather than a one-trick blues pony, as its name might imply ."

Photo of Mesa Lone Star

Mesa Lone Star 2x12
Guitarist Magazine
"Despite the expanding competition at this level, the Lone Star sets another benchmark for tone that others will have to try very hard to emulate."

Photo of Mesa Walkabout Bass Amp Front Panel

Mesa Walkabout Scout
Guitarist Magazine
"As always, much thought has gone into this design and it really shows. The Walkabout Scout is simply stunning! ... it would prove extremely useful, and portable, in any live situation."

Mesa Boogie player Gord McPhedran his Elecra Dyne The Electra Dyne
"PURE ARTISTRY in Every Sense of the Word"

Gord McPhedran - Calgary, Canada
I have never played an amp with such “presence and clarity” in my life...until now."
Mesa Boogie player Jeff Heminway and his Mark V Head The Mark V Head
"My Search for PERFECT TONE is Complete"

Jeff Heminway - New Hampshire
There’s no stopping the tonal possibilities that I have at my disposal. And it’s all thanks to you guys.
Mesa Boogie player Paul Zoskey and his Roadster The Roadster
"...Hands Down the Finest Amp on the Market"

Paul Zoskey - San Francisco
It is without a doubt the finest amp I have ever played. All 4 channels are really their own amp. I played for hours on end and that was just with all the settings at 12:00."
Mesa Boogie player Bill Greenwell and his Lone Star Combo The Lone Star Combo
"...becomes addictive "

Bill Greenwell - United Kingdom
Whether....I play my 335, PRS Custom, Les Paul, Strat or Tele, the Lone Star has its own take on all of them. None of them sound even remotely as soulful through anything else."
Mesa Boogie player Sally Whitman her Big Block 750 The Big Block 750
"...the Best of the Best"

Sally Whitman - Waterford, CT
...thunderous, harmonious destruction and mayhem, (in a pleasant sort of way, of course). ...Quality this close to perfect has to be the end-all to my 'bass dreams'."

Mesa Boogie player Mark Barron, Mojo, and his Stiletto Deuce The Stiletto Deuce
"...a fantastic amp. "

Mark Barron, MoJo - Leeds, UK
It’s got a great way of taking the different nuances of each guitar and giving them voices of their own."

Mesa Boogie player Mark Barron, Mojo, and his Stiletto Deuce The Lone Star
"a great amp...exceeded my expectations."

Barry Shirley - Columbia, SC
“...can’t understand how any guitarist can be without this tone machine. The reverb is the best ever, hands down. Sparkles like champagne. I’m absolutely blown away by this amp.."

Mesa Boogie Player Tom Stolzenberger and his Stiletto Ace The Stiletto ACE
"Truly Inspires..."

Tom Stolzenberger - Carlisle, PA
I love my Stiletto Ace. And I have nothing but the sincerest thanks to everyone at Mesa for all the years of great guitar sound and pleasure your team and products have given me...."
Mesa Boogie Player Adam Bracewell The Roadster...
Holy Grail of Tone!

Adam Bracewell - UK
I was grinning and laughing like a maniac for the entirety of my practice and I could not believe what a good purchase I had made. Quite frankly, this is the BEST amp I have ever had the pleasure of playing."
Mesa Boogie Player Adam Lucchesi The Roadster... Awesome Arsenal of Tones!
Adam Lucchesi - Memphis, TN
you stepped it up a notch with the Roadster's awesome arsenal of tones! From the fattest cleans to the most punishing gain available - The Roadster has thoroughly owned me! I didn't buy the Roadster… the Roadster bought ME!"
Mesa Boogie Player Testimonial from T. Michael Kennedy My Roadster Gets After It!
T. Michael Kennedy - Texas
Simply said, my Red Floral Roadster sparkles, it tweeds, it vintage overdrives, it crunches, it howls, it growls, it screams, and it crushes. It abso-freakin-lutely flat out smokes at everything it does. I LOVE THIS AMP!"
Mesa Boogie Player Testimonial from Thornton Carter Fairfield Exceeded My Wildest

Thornton Carter Fairfield - Minnesota
Thank you for really being who you say you are.  A company that cares, a company that treats every artist with respect, whether it be a professional or just a living room player."
Mesa Boogie Player Testimonial for Stiletto from Barry Shirley The Mesa Stiletto
Barry Shirley - Columbia, SC
I first played through a Stiletto Deuce at my local Mesa Dealer, Musician Supply.  It was an instant hit with me.  The voicing of this amp is on the money with its EL-34 power.  I ordered mine on the spot."
Mesa Boogie Rectoverb Combo testimonial from Billy Bullock Mesa Rect-O-Verb Combo
Billy Bullock - Columbia, SC
Every knob/adjustment on the amplifier gives you all you could want (and more) of that color of the spectrum. Only a slight "tweak" of any of the controls is necessary to affect the end result."
Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 600 Testimonial from Charles Whyde Mesa M-Pulse 600
Charles Whyde - Columbia, SC
What a great combination the M-Pulse 600 and 2x12 Powerhouse cabinet makes.  It's exactly what I was looking for and I love it!"
Toyzz Band's Full Backline 25 Years with Mesa
Toyzz - Columbia, SC
Our band, Toyzz, uses Mesa gear exclusively and wouldn’t consider anything else.  The band was established in 1980 and the Mesa gear has been with us from the start."
Mesa Boogie Player Mark Stys of Detroit Michigan The Mesa Mystique
Mark Stys - Detroit, MI
Not one of my many Boogies ever broke down and every time I plug in, I am rewarded with years of Mesa research. You can feel the labor of love the Boogie team puts into these amps. Not one detail is overlooked. I refer to it as the Mesa Mystique. Mesa Mojo."
Tim Talbert and his Dual Rectifier Rig Mesa Dual Rectifier
Tim Talbert - Norfolk, VA
I just wanted to thank you folks for making such a killer product. It was the best "onstage experience" of my life, largely due to the pride and confidence of having my Dual Rectifier behind me."
Mesa M-Pulse 360 on PowerHouse Cabinet Mesa M-Pulse 360
Clive Russell - United Kingdom
The pre-amp section gives immediate promise of what’s in store - I love the mid control, then the incredible Parametric EQ section… It leaves no gaps. It's all here for me - just a great amp."
Don Elmblad with his Road King Rectifier 2x12 Speaker Cab

Mesa Boogie Road King
from Don Elmblad - Lanse, MI
"I want to tell you and the world how happy I am with the Mesa/Boogie products I own and the customer service I have experienced as a Mesa/Boogie customer...."  (more)

Bass 400 on RoadReady Cabinet

Mesa Boogie Bass 400+
from Thomas Bramhall - Madison, AL
"It's all about maintaining a passionate company culture that has products reflecting what's now decades of tone obsession. Very few companies in ANY field have done it, and you've done it serving neurotic musicians, of which I am one.."  (more)

Frank Stiner with his Buster Bass Amp and RoadReady Cabinet

Mesa Bass Gear
from Frank Stiner- Anchorage, Alaska
"What I tell my friends is this: “Don’t mess around – Get a Mesa/Boogie, these amps will blow your socks off!."  (more)

Photo of Dan Leduc with his Caliber DC-5

Mesa Durability
from Dan Leduc - Enfield, Connecticut
"I've never had a single problem in the 6 years I've been using it."  (more)

Photo of Barry Shirley with his Road King rig

Mesa Road King
and Road King Cab

from Barry Shirley-Columbia, S.C.
"You only have to tweak the front controls in very small increments to find new territory. This amp is the Holy Grail in my estimation. Give it a try.!"  (more)

Photo of Don Rockett with His Venture Combo and Powerhouse Cab

Mesa Venture Combo
and Powerhouse Cab

from Don Rockett-Ruston, LA
"I have used several rigs over the past few years...always searching for the feeling of finally finding "The One". Well, this is it. The only strange thing is knowing that I don't need to be on the lookout for the best sounding rig anymore...I own it thanks to Mesa!"  (more)

Photo of Steve Brown with his Marks and Maverick Mesa/Boogie Maverick
from Steve Brown-Indianapolis, IN
"I couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more versatile amp - That coming from a fellow who's owned Twins, Supers and Music Man amps and a player for 40years.. "  (more)

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