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link to mesa boogie engineering stereo 2 fifty amp link to mesa boogie engineering stereo simul 2 ninety amp
photo of fifty fifty power amp stacked on Stereo Simul 2 90 power amp
MESA/Boogie® pioneered the rack revolution in the 1980's.
Our legendary mono blocks, the M-180 and M-190 (and later, the
classic Strategy® 400 Stereo) created the benchmark against which all other contenders are judged today. The longevity of these powerplants is proven by their continued daily use a decade later in LA's heaviest rigs. Over the years we've built on this legacy, benefiting today's guitarists from over two decades of tone and refinements.  From the small block Stereo 2:Fifty™ and the Stereo Simul 2:Ninety®, our choice of stereo all-tube power amps remains unrivaled.

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