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Photo of out of production subway blues with rich red hardwood casing



Basis M-2000 Bass 400+
Blue Angel Buster Bass 200
Carbine M3 Carbine M6 Combo
Carbine M9 2x12 Combo Coliseum 300
Electra Dyne
Express 5:25 1x10 Combo Express 5:50 2x12 Combo
50/50 Stereo Formula Preamp


Lone Star 4x10 Combo

Lone Star Special 4x10 Combo

Mark I Mark IV
M-Pulse 360 M-Pulse 600
Nomads Recto Rack
Rect-O-Verb Recto 2:100 Stereo Power
Road Cases Solo 50 Head (Single Recto)
Stiletto Series Subway Series
The Baron The Tigris
Tremoverb 20/20
V-Twin Preamp V-1 Bottle Rocket


1x12 Compact Cab
Electra Dyne Cabs Express Cabs
Lone Star Cabs Roadster Cabs
Stiletto Cabs Three Quarter Back Cabs


Road Ready Cabs
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