Road King Guitar Cabinets
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2x12 Road King Horizontal

4x12 Road King Slant

4x12 Road King Straight

The Ultimate Solution...

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Perfectly matched to the built-in cabinet switcher found on our landmark Road King™ Amplifier, Road King Cabinets provide a new level of performance and convenience through the use of a new and innovative “Dual Cabinet” design. This new design features both a tuned open-back side (left) and a sealed closed-back side (right), each of which may be used independently or combined, all within the same cabinet!

Discover THE HOLY GRAIL OF TONE by matching a Road King Head to a Road King Cabinet. Clean tones and lower gain textures shimmer and sparkle with beauty from the added spaciousness and presence of the Road King Cabinet’s tuned open back. Medium to high gain tones pack maximum authoritative power and punch when driven through the King’s sealed closed-back side.

Choose from 3 Models:

All of these cabinets are custom built by Mesa Master-Craftmen using the same premium quality materials and dimensions as our legendary Rectifier® Cabinets.