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We’ve packed an array of innovative features into our exceptional range of custom-built Vintage PowerHouse™ Bass Cabinets. These cabinets provide an unsurpassed level of musical versatility and player convenience through the following new features:

Aviation Style Bracing – A radical bracing concept borrowed from the aircraft industry. All structural reinforcement is “sculpted-out” to form an extremely strong skeleton that reduces weight, increases rigidity and improves structural integrity.

Tri-Ported Design – An innovative front facing, multi-vent porting system that uses individually tuned triangular ports to enhance each part of the bass spectrum. This goes way beyond the old standard design that has all your tone blowing out of one large port hole!

Player Control Network™ – A proprietary “back-panel” interface that provides unprecedented stylistic versatility and gig friendly convenience with the following features:

Player Network Enlargement

Player Control Network™ includes 3-position switch for crossover frequency, adjustable L-Pad for blending the right amount of high frequency driver, re-settable horn protection plus standard ¼ inch and high-current SPEAK-ON locking connectors.
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Style Control Crossover & Attenuator – An artistic crossover “Range” switch provides 3 distinct tonal variations: Our time-proven, detail-enhancing, sweet 5K (Normal) setting; plus the harmonic-friendly, accent-expanding snap of 4K (Sheen) and the groove-enforcing, articulate cut of 3K (Bright). This combined with our premium L-Pad horn attenuator provides players with unrivaled stylistic versatility and performance.

Instant Reset Horn Protection – A simple “one touch” reset switch provides the ultimate in convenient horn protection – No fuses, tools or digging inside the cabinet – Push & Play!

SPEAKON & ¼” Connectors – Convenient Inputs AND Paralleled Outputs are provided for both standard ¼” and SPEAKON high current, locking connectors.

Tilt & Roll™ Transport System (6x10, 8x10, 4x12, 2x15, PH 1000) - Provides built-in, hand-truck portability with rollerblade-ease and rear glide rail protection.

Whether you choose the standard PowerHouse Cabs or this Vintage styling, these cabs represent the world’s best built, best sounding, easiest to move bass enclosures ever made! But don’t believe us. Make the comparison yourself. Then you’ll understand why it’s all about Mesa for Bass!